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The Importance of Staging Your Home

Staging a home is more than just moving furniture, strategically placing decor and making the house smell nice. It’s about the ambiance; the feeling one has when they walk through the door. This feeling is what potential buyers hold in their hearts when they make an offer on your home. It’s that vision that they […]
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Thinking About Relocating to Michigan? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Located in the center of the Great Lakes, Michigan is divided into two land masses known as the Upper and Lower Peninsulas. The Mackinac Bridge, which connects Michigan’s upper peninsula to the rest of the state, spans five miles and is one of the world’s longest suspension bridges. Detroit, the state’s largest city, is the […]
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5 Fees Every Home Seller Should Know About When Selling A Home

5 Fees Every Home Seller Should Know About When Selling A Home

Selling your home can be an exciting time, especially if you’ve built equity up over the years. Before you start counting your profits, you need to be aware of the costs associated when selling your property. Here are five expenses you can expect to pay when selling a house. 1. Repairs, Landscaping, and Revamp Before […]
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Recovery for the Housing Market and Two Reasons We Won’t See a Rush of Foreclosures This Fall

For months now, we have been asking the same question: ‘When will the economy turn around?’ Many experts have been saying the housing market will lead the way to recovery, and today we’re seeing signs of that coming to light. With record-low mortgage rates driving high demand from potential buyers, homes are being purchased at […]
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Top 9 Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle Before the End of Summer-1

Top 9 Home Maintenance Projects to Tackle Before the End of Summer

With many of us home more than usual this summer, we’ve been taking on a lot of new projects. In case you haven’t done these already, here are 9 more projects to keep your house in tip-top shape! 1. Fire/carbon dioxide detectors! Make sure your batteries are new and make sure they are all operational. […]
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9 Things to See in Michigan While On Staycation

Michigan = Home. The massive green trees, lakeshore around every corner, the rolling hills, we have it all. With safer orders and less long distance travel, Staycations are top of mind for many. But where do you go? We listed 9 of our favorite stops and roadside attractions from across the state.. 1. Mission Point […]
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Why the Summer of 2020 Will Be the Best Time To Sell Your Home

With stay-at-home orders lifting in Michigan, data indicates homebuyers are jumping back into the market. After many families put their plans on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the spring real estate season is shifting into the summer. In 2020, summer is the new spring for real estate. According to Google Trends, which scores search […]
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Buying A Home_ The Boeve Way, The Only Way

Buying A Home: The Boeve Way, The Only Way

We have specialized in finding perfect homes and negotiating the best price, headache and hassle free, for a combined over 40 years. The Boeve Properties Team Brokerage model provides you with a buyer-specialists that spend 100% of their time helping buyers, listing specialists who are constantly meeting with homeowners thinking of selling and a marketing […]
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Selling A Home_ The Boeve Way, The Only Way

Selling A Home: The Boeve Way, The Only Way

At Boeve Properties, we have specialized in selling homes for top dollar, headache and hassle free for a combined over 40 years. Our team brokerage model, concierge department and marketing strategies , like our “Coming Soon Campaign” and “Predictive Market Analysis” are the best in the industry. Our combined experience of selling homes for top […]
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Unemployment Report_ May 8, 2020_ No Need to Be Terrified

Unemployment Report: May 8, 2020: No Need to Be Terrified

Last Friday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released its latest jobs report. It revealed that the economic shutdown made necessary by COVID-19 caused the unemployment rate to jump to 14.7%. Many anticipate that next month the percentage could be even higher. These numbers represent the extreme hardship so many families are experiencing right now. That pain should […]
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